AI TTS Donations

twitch mmattDonk

A Twitch bot that allows Donations to use AI TTS Voices
started 03 oct 2021

This is a project that was made specifically for elpws . He always wanted the AI TTS voices used on streamers like Forsen and xQc. I wanted to help him out, however I didn’t know of any way to use previous AI voices. I didn’t want to train a bunch of voices from scratch, so I didn’t know what to do for a while.

Until I got a whisper from Tajj . I didn’t konw he whispered me until a couple days later, but as soon as he told me, I went ahead and got to work.

This project uses the API, which basically makes it so that we can use thousands of previously made voices that were trained by the community. There are some pros, and of course, some cons.



Like some of my other projects, this one is still in heavy development, so stay tuned to the GitHub Repo and the Discord Server.